We touched base a little about what the Golden Ratio on our home page, but why is this so important?  By using the Golden Ratio for brows you can help solve any “trouble symmetry issues” you or your client might feel they have. The goal is to try your best to create symmetry.  You know that little saying, “Brows are not twins they are cousins?”  Who said that?  I don’t agree.  You can easily tweak a tail here or raise an arch.  Shoot for uniformity for both and you’re golden!  

And remember: always map out your client first and let them have a look.  Ultimately how you and your client feel is the most important thing.  I have a very dramatic arch, but when I work on my brows I like to create a straight brow.  Always remember, how you and your client feel is always the best way! 

Love your brows; they are the frame to your face!

Quick brow mapping steps

  • Find your middle point by drawing a small line between the brows.
  • To find the starting point of both brows: line your tool up with the upper crease of the nostril near the tear duct and mark your point.
  • The beginning of the brows should be equal distance from the center mark from step one.
  • Find your point 2 by anchoring your tool at the bottom crease of the nostril and go diagonally through the pupil.  Mark your second point where your tool lands.
  • Find third point by anchoring your tool in the same bottom crease used for point two.  Angle your tool through the corner of your eye.  Make your mark.
  • Make sure all your points are the same distance apart.  Fix any points that need to be moved.
  • Find point four which is the bottom of the bulb and point five at the bottom of the arch.
  • Connect all the points.  You will eventually be able to do this without any markings.

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