Thick brow wax to keep all those hairs in place.  Create a natural look with a mascara brush or press and hold for the hot brow laminated trend.

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The best brow gel/wax you’ll ever find!  We’ve tried it all and formulated a hold that will last all day.  Use as often as you’d like to style your brow hairs in your desired direction.  Dry and press; add a little more press it in and you’re all set.  For best results try out our brow lamination kit to make sure you have perfect brows for weeks!   Can also be used to tame any baby hairs or flyaways for hold all day.

    • Directions
      • On clean brows brush through the brow hair using an upward motion while pressing as you go through the hair.  For thicker, untamed brows use more product as desired.  Pro Tip: Dap excess moisture with cotton tip.  Use Microfiber brush to continue to press product for maximum hold.  Close container to maintain optimal efficacy of product.
    • Details
      • 3.53 oz / 100g
      • Do not store near heat and after using put the lid back on.  Avoid contact with eyes.  If this occurs rinse immediately.
    • Ingredients
      • Aqua, Cetteareth-25, Propylene Glycol, Sucrose Oleth-10 PVP, Cocotrimonium, Glyceryl, PEG-7, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM Hydantoin

11 reviews for FREEZE FRAME BROW WAX

  1. Gina Perez

    I’ve tried many brow gels and this is my favorite so far. I was also surprised at how much is in the container.

  2. Sharon

    Wow! This helps bring out my brows natural arch and helps to make my brows look much fuller than they are.

  3. Emily

    Better than brow soap.

  4. Angelica

    Amazing value, I was shocked at the volume of gel compared to the cost, so much there! Not only does the gel hold all day, this will last much longer than other tube products I have used in the past.

  5. Cindy P.

    I was nervous to try this because I’ve been such a lover of Anastasia BH products, but I’m so happy that I did. Not only is this gel basically the same thing, but it has ingredients to help support growth which I need. This is also a way better value because it holds a lot. I’ve decided to put this in my holiday gift bags to my friends.

  6. Laura F.

    You need very little product!! This doesn’t become that stiff feeling like some brow gels, but yet still holds them in place. It actually works well before or after you apply your brow products even though the instructions say to use on clean brows.

  7. Michelle Kerns

    This brow wax holds my brows in place ALL DAY! I am in love with it and will be purchasing another one for my professional make up artist kit!

  8. Naomi A.

    So I got this brow wax and I love it! It really tamed my brows and held them in place without leaving the brow hairs hard. I would definitely say it’s a dupe for the abh brow freeze! And half the price! You need to try it!

  9. Meli

    This wax, is very easy to use, not hard at all, easy to manipulate and you just need the tiniest bit to hold your brows in place, it also holds them up all day long, doesn’t look goopy or make them look dirty, goes on transparent and quiet honestly I’m very impressed with it and very happy I got to try it! I actually think I found my new favorite brow wax to achieve the perfect fluffy brows that are so trendy right now; If you’re considering this product, I would say go for it, you won’t regret it

  10. Daniella G.

    It definitely holds in my brows all day definitely recommend this brow wax!!

  11. Elizabeth

    The packaging of this is so cute and it made me realize how badly I needed to trim my eyebrows lol. Amazing product.

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